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Ma vie dans dix ans

Dans dix ans j’aurai 25 ans. Je pense que je vais finir mes études avec science du comportement. Je deviendrai une psychologue ou une thérapeute. Je pense que j’habiterai à Lund dans un appartement à moi. Je ne sais pas si j’aurai une famille quand j’ai 25 ans. Mais j’espère que je trouverai quelqu’un que j’aime er qui m’aime. J’espère aussi que mon chien sera toujours vivant quand j’ai 25 ans. Je pense que j’aimerai écouter de la musique et jouer à des jeux videos. Je sais que je serai encore avec ma famille et raconterai mes amis.


Dans ska vara en sport

Jag har skrivit en text om att dans ska fortsätta att räknas som en sport. Om du vill läsa den ska du klicka här.

Bookcircle: (final part) summarizer

As the class were on the school trip in Haworth, Yorkshire. The lollipop-lady saw that Glen was there on the trip. The lollipop-lady called Minnie and told her that he was there. So Minnie went to Haworth the next day. The day after the class went up to Top Withens (a ruined farmhouse) not knowing that Minnie was following them. When they were on top of the hill it started to snow. So the class went back to the hotel as Minnie had hidden in the farmhouse. Glen had seen Minnie not knowing that it was her and he went back for her to help her walk down the hill. Minnie had tripped and was lying in the snow so Glen took her to a shed to escape the cold. Minnie was scared of Glen because he was Gav’s brother. Some hours later the two got saved and went to the hospital. Minnie had understood that Glen wasn’t like his brother so Minnie resigned from her job. Glen understood that he no longer had to hide from his past so he truly became Glen Parish. As christmas came there was a song on the radio about inmates. Anna started crying but Glen believed that Gav was happy in prison so he was happy as well.


Aquarelle (bild)


Wordfinder: book cirkle part.2


1. Punting – paddla

2. Corpuscle – blodkropp

3. Rueful – sorglig

4. Reluctance – motvillighet

5. Bereaved – efterlämnad, sörjande

6. Throttling – stryper

7. Reckon – komma ihåg

8. Absorb – ta in/absorbera

9. Diseased – död, (sjuk)

10. Notorious – uppmärksam

11. Indispensable – nödvändig 

12. Aggravate – reta, förvärra

13. Concocted – påhitt, tillblandning, brygd

14. Obscure – skum, otydlig, svårfattig, okänd

15. Skimmed – trång, smal

16. Clobbered – sönderslagen

17. Occupants – invånare (i ett hus m.m.), innehavare

18. Remand(ed) – häkta(d), återsända

19. Essential – nödvändig, verklig, inneboende

20. Resign – avgå 


1. There are red and white corpuscles in our blood.

2. He gives me a rueful look before he walks away.

3. He came up behind me and throttled me.

4. I reckon that we saw each other last year at the conference.

5. The cloth absorbed the spilled water from the table.

6. I am a very notorious person. Almost as good as Sherlock Holmes.

7. He aggravated me into doing something I regretted.

8. The forrest is obscure. It gives me the creeps.

9. It said on the news that the young woman was clobbered in an alley.

10. This information is essential for my article.

Branded: discussion leader questions

Black hat: Why is it bad to bully others? What outcomes are there? Referring to the chapters where Hawthorne and his buddies are bullying Glen Parish.

Yellow hat: What are the good things about having an new identity? Does everyone deserve to have one? Referring to chapter 8.

Blue hat: Do you agree with Minnie Cooper that the public has a right to know about other peoples private lives? If you agree imagine if that was you with a bunch of reporters/paparazzis after you 24/7. p.28-29 .

Green hat: If your child was in the same klass as a murderers sibling/child would you also have your child sitting next to someone else in class? p.12.

Red hat: Why do you think Parish didn’t stand up for Will? Do you think he felt sorry for him? Did he just not want to get in more trouble? Or did he not care about what they said? P. 45.

White hat: What privileges did Parish lose after he hit Hawthorne? p.42.

Eye witness news (Forrest Gump)

I’m standing here by the school door watching as the young black students go inside the school. One of the students, Vivian Malone, drops her notebook on the ground as she’s walking. A young man grabs the notebook and hands her it to her. I hear people next to me saying ”Is he out of his goddamned mind?” But he goes on like nothing happened.

A few minutes later..

I walk up to a reporter as he’s interviewing the man by the name of Forrest Gump. The reporter asks him why he did what he did and Mr. Gump responds with ”I just did what I thought was right.”